Barracuda Email Security Gateway refers to the security gateway for emails used in managing and filtering all the outbound and inbound email traffic to protect organizations and businesses against data leaks or email-borne threats. It is a whole email management solution that lets companies encrypt their messages while leveraging on cloud to spool email, especially in a situation where email servers are unavailable. The gateway is often provided with no per-user and even per-feature fee and can be availed as another virtual appliance or within the public cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway also include spam or virus blocking, email continuity, data protection, encryption, DoS prevention, and management of policy. They are all combined to ensure the delivery of a holistic solution. And as other requirements come about, there is an automatic update of new capabilities for continuous protection. Again, this gateway ensures complete email threat protection by providing a multi-layer security and the prevention of data leakages. Advanced threat protection often combines heuristic, behavioral, and sandboxing technology as a way of protecting against targeted attacks, zerohour, and ransomware.

The Barracuda Advantages

They include

Barracuda Email Security Gateway Product Spotlight

Barracuda Email Security Gateway is easy to use considering its fast, simple and easy establish. It’s the intuitive management that ensures time or resource are maintained low. Hence, integrating of Barracuda Cloud Protection Layers and the lack of per-user fee has made it easier to scale the capacity as you continue to grow your business. 

Barracuda Blacklist Removal

Barracuda blacklist is the Domain Name System-based blackhole list (DNSBL) that blocks IP addresses that send spam emails and IP addresses spreading spam emails. It was created in 2008 for all consumers as a free tool. This tool was created by Barracuda Central which is a security company that works 24/7 in fighting against cyber threats. However, DNSBL does not restrict sending of emails, its role is to prevent delivery, particularly at the receiving end.

But how does the Barracuda blacklist work? IP addresses are added automatically to the Barracuda blacklist when the connecting machine is a spamming bot-net or an open proxy. Often, IP addresses would be added because they directly send spam to others. Once a spam filter has been triggered on an IP address, a Barracuda blacklist automatically adds the IP address to its list. Spam detectors are also known as ‘honey pots’-unique addresses that are created to receive spam.

How do you find out whether you’re on the Barracuda blacklist? The Barracuda website contains a database with IP addresses and another list of URL reputations. Upon combining the reputations and IP addresses, Barracuda easily determines real messages from spam messages. Again, Barracuda provides an IP and Domain reputation lookup option. Here, you search for any information you require and can determine whether you’re on the list.

How then can you perform a Barracuda Blacklist remove? Here the Barracuda Central Reputation System-Removal Request comes in handy. This page enables you to request for Barracuda blacklist removal of the IP address. It takes nearly 12 hours to review every case. The following information is required in order to remove your IP address:

One of the most important things you need to note while submitting your request for removal is that the request system is automated. And because of this, you have to state clear and accurate information and even cohesively plead your case. Failing to provide accurate information gives room for your request to be ignored by the automated system.

How then do you reduce your risk of getting onto the Barracuda Blacklist? There are various ways how you do not get listed on the blacklist including:-

Barracuda blacklist delist requires a manual delisting. To do this, you need to go to the Barracuda Removal page and submit your delisting request. As indicated earlier, the information you provide should be valid because invalid details will easily be ignored. Again, multiple requests make your request invalid.

Consequently, Barracuda email security gateway office 365 uses Barracuda cloud email archiving services and integrates with the Office 365. This establishes cloud-based and indexed archive that allows for granular retention policy, legal hold, extensive searches, permissions, and export that helps facilitate retentions and eDiscovery.


Barracuda blacklist removal is easy but there is a need to put a stop to spam triggering the listing. Many businesses do not like using the public Barracuda blacklist systems, rather they deploy their own Barracuda email security systems. When you have been blocked by the private Barracuda system, you should contact your email administrator directly to assist you to remove the block. Essentially, Barracuda Email Security Gateway remains the best friend for those businesses conscious about their email security. It makes it easy for IT administrators to manage and perform their duties. Through this gateway, it becomes easy to protect and monitor the flow of email from the start to finish. And if you require support, Barracuda offers such support on configuration and performance tuning. Therefore, you cannot go wrong if you settle on Barracuda Email Security Gateway.

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