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How To Avoid Landing in SPAM Folder

When you are running cold email campaigns, one of the biggest challenges you will face is the possibility of landing in spam folder. One needs to avoid landing in spam folder by all means as people hardly read or take seriously an email in the spam folder. How then does one avoid landing in spam? Here are tips that will make you forget your troubles when running cold emails.

  1. You MUST warm up the smtp server. 

By warm up it means, do not start by sending a lot of emails at once, start with a low number and increase gradually. 

Also, there should be engagement to your email too.This is where when you send out your emails, there are replies. This makes the sender to be seen as a natural sender just like in a normal scenario, when we send emails, there is engagement.
Incase one is experiencing low engagement,I recommend ‘naturalizing’ of the sender email through a tool like

  1. Your SMTP server needs to have a good online reputation as such, ensure that you have verified your emails to avoid bounces, syntax errors, accept all and spam traps.
  2. Do not remove the records that are related verification and security specifically, dmarc, dkim and spf in DNS zone.
  1. When  running cold email campaigns, I discourage sending high volumes to ‘big boys’ emails (gmails, outlook and yahoo). Their systems are quite ruthless to unsolicited emails. 
  1. If one is using a custom SMTP set up, it is recommended a MAX 10K emails/IP/day/ spread across the day for now but one can scale. For a start and for reputation purposes, one is only supposed to use one IP and increase more IPs in due course.Avoid rotating ips for a newly set up system as well if it has more than one IP.
  1. Avoid already identified spammy words. These words are many and they should be avoided when crafting the message. The data has been provided by google over time as words that have been noted to be used in spam emails. Thus one should avoid them by all means.
  1. Don’t send the same e mail over and over, change on weekly basis or use the random content feature/spin
  1. Avoid blasting e mails and send slowly. Most mailers today have the option of staggerring your emails instead of blasting them all at once
  1. Use plain text instead of htmls.Over time emails which are flash and html designed as associated with promotional emails. Even on normal scenarios, the same case applies, when we receive a plain text, the tendency is to treat it with formality compared to graphically designed flashy email.

For custom mailers(Mailwizz for instance), run your campaign from other browsers other than chrome or Mozilla. Use Brave, Edge etc. This will help in avoiding the ‘deceptive site ahead error’

When these tips are applied in totality, they will go a long way in avoiding landing in spam.

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