Email Marketing Technical Support


SMTP servers and email marketing applications need to be checked regularly to ensure they are in a good state for effective email marketing campaigns


You have an email marketing system? Good. First step accomplished.
But then you realize just like your car needs regular maintenance so does your email marketing system. This service covers you for that.

With only a monthly subscription of $5.99/month. You will be receiving high-priority support anytime you have issues and you need to get clarity of your system.

What is covered?
1. Checking the healthy status of your system.
2. Setting up a fresh SMTP in case the current gets damaged beyond repair or anytime you need one.
3. Setting up email marketing application in case the current gets damaged beyond anytime you need an extra.
4. Giving you a walk-through for the effective running of your campaign.
5. Get regular tips and tricks for your campaign.

What is not included; email verification, running the campaign, and anything else not mentioned above.