SMS Marketing Set up & Management.


We are offering the best bulk SMS marketing solution for businesses. Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo (Vonage), Signalwire are being used in our SMS marketing application as the SMS gateways and also Android-based SMS sending platform.


SMS Marketing  will help you in:

-Boost up sales

-Increase customer visits

-Deliver the sale pitch

-Sending bulk SMS to a broadcast list


Two ways we can manage your SMS marketing campaign.

1. Bulk SMS using an android based platform.
This is where SMS is received by the intended audience from your phone number (No sender ID). One uses the normal SMS credits.


  • Cost effective and targeted marketing by reaching customers directly. 98% of sms messages are opened and read by recipients daily
  • No need of expensive marketing plans
  • No need of internet or connection with computer. Its wireless & direct simple sending from your Mobile
  • Support Excel/Text format file sheet to import numbers list to whom you want to send
  • With Option of delay pause timer
  • Report will be displayed upon delivery
  • Direct sending & can manage multiple campaigns from your mobile
  • Friendly interface & Easy to use
  • Just your own sms text plan/package on mobile is used for sending. No other charges
  • Install this App in Android mobile and run this application

2. Bulk SMS using Sender IDs.
A Sender ID is a numeric or alphanumeric contact that identifies who has sent an SMS message. It usually common with Banks and other corporates. It is a powerful branding model.

Some of the time-saving features for this option include;

  •  Text spinning
  • Number/Sender ID rotation
  • Two Way SMS
  • Multiple gateway support
  • Custom SMS Templates
  • Sender ID Management
  • Schedule SMS
  • User Management
  • SMS Throttling
  • Leads / Contacts Management

In this service, we shall do the setup and manage your campaign for 30 days. You will take care of the sending credits and sender Id costs.