Website Design and Development (Blog/Online Shop)


Your online presence is critical. Most interact with your website before they can even buy anything from you.It must be a priority. This package aims at creating for you ANY TYPE of website that you or your business wants.

We deliver your website in two phases;
1. Design

We start with educating you on the “why” of what we do. Our website designs have a purpose and are based on the combined knowledge of specialized experts in user experience, online marketing, and branding. Our education process is designed to allow our customers to share the most meaningful information about their company so that we can produce a site that shares the most value with their target market. During the intake phase, we discuss the ways our comprehensive marketing offerings can put you on a path to success after the site is developed and launched.

2. Development Phase.
Max Alternative moves your site into the development phase after the site design is approved, ensuring that when the site is complete it fully meets your expectations. Our developers are experts in industry standards of ADA (WCAG accessibility), responsive design, and in giving your site that “wow” factor with interactive features. While our developers are building the backend of your website, our marketing team focuses on the front-end content creation. This content is based on interviews with your company’s experts, and on our research of SEO keywords that pertain to your industry. Once the content is completed, clients will be given access to review and suggest edits to make sure your website is as accurate and detailed as possible.

Delivery Period.
7-14 days (This period can extend if it’s a huge website project)

What we need; (We can guide you on this in case you might need help)
1. Domain.
2. Hosting