Mortgage brokers require customers, and while research suggests the vast majority of leads come from current and previous customers, these alone cannot sustain a business, particularly if you want to grow. As such, many brokers have to purchase leads from lead generation companies. It may seem like another quick and effective solution but has many problems. Nevertheless, there are other options available. Many brokers are looking at their own website and team to establish how they can support online lead generation while at the same time delivering new customers. Qualified mortgage leads are considered the lifeblood of successful mortgage brokers. Some companies provide mortgage lead data and have the requisite experience and background to supply quality mortgage leads that can produce results. Such lists can help you get in touch with some of the best leads fit for your company. Further, from the lists, you can get an idea of which of the leads fit into your target market. Qualified mortgage lead generation can be sourced from homeowners with all their telephone numbers being DNC compliant.

The best tactics used to get qualified mortgage lead generation

Consistent generation of high-quality leads is among the most important aspects of marketing for loan officers and the mortgage industry. Essentially, nothing is better than having a steady inflow of qualified leads without putting much effort. Mortgage and loan officers cannot say ‘no’ if they get more qualified leads than what they have currently been getting. One of the common forms of lead generation in the mortgage industry is developing relationships with businesses, real estate agents, and former clients to have a steady stream of mortgage prospects come your way. However, it’s not as consistent as it should be. It takes time to develop such relationships, but oftentimes, prospects could fill out your forms and then get on a call with you, only to realize they are not qualified and it does not make sense to work together.      

A mortgage lead refers to people who have an interest in mortgage borrowing or is a potential mortgage customers for a mortgage broker or lender. These are people whose interest is to take out a mortgage as they do business with you.       

  1. Educating potential leads

Your prospects invest more in your brand after recognizing the value they get from your solution. When you offer educational and authoritative content, you largely position yourself as an expert in the field and as a person who knows their thing. If you leverage relevant and practical content, there are many advantages, especially in generating leads.   

It’s the easiest approach you can implement if you’re yet to do so. When homebuyers have an interest in buying a home or applying for a loan, the first place where they look is local listings and search engines. And if you are yet to begin doing SEO lead generation, start here. Further, if you’re in a local business, it would be easy to start establishing relationships based on your locality because people might trust working together. Again, it would be more convenient.        

As mortgage leads come in through various acquisition channels, you will realize not all will be relevant. However, if you have to maintain sanity, qualify them so that you do not waste money and time. Additionally, categorize your mortgage leads into:

MQLs-Stands for marketing qualified needs. This refers to leads who have signed up through your website. For instance, have downloaded your lead magnet. They are people ready to receive further information from you. However, they may not be ready to purchase as yet. For this reason, ensure to supply them with information that helps them see the problem they have and how they can solve it. The information you present should help them see a potential problem they could solve or you can assist them in personally solve.

SQLs-Stands for sales qualified leads. Leads are already done with the research stage, have been in contact with the sales team, and are even ready to explore their options of purchasing. The leads are ready for you to close and you need to continuously follow up and pay closer attention. Essentially, you have leads that fall into certain categories beyond the 2 options above. You should consider an investment in a CRM tool such as Pipedrive and once your leads are put into an organized and near CRM, integrate this into the other marketing tools then shorten your sales cycle using powerful marketing automation.

In the mortgage landing pages, try and include your offer and solution in such a way that it’s hard to say ‘no’. Provide the benefit and solution using clear examples. Offer social proof, client testimonials, and reviews. Your personalized landing pages should also contain your process, frequently asked questions, and many others. Additionally, provide online web forms that qualify your prospects while boosting the rate of lead conversion. Some of the best practices for online landing page forms include:

On web forms, you’re looking at driving more qualified leads for the mortgage business. For this reason, consider the use of online web forms to achieve this.

Once a visitor has seen a no-effort form taking under a minute to complete and potentially assist them to save money, they are more enticed to remain on that landing page longer and even fill it. Online form builder tools such as LeadGen App have been designed for converting more traffic into new customers. Additionally, online forms are considered ideal for use when you want to capture new business potential. Use these forms in conjunction with the landing page or use them for lead generation with no website. Again, landing pages have been designed for use in receiving traffic from one or many sources, with a clear goal of ensuring there are conversions. And in order to boost the rate of conversions, use website forms in driving engagement and pushing visitors towards conversion. For the mortgage business landing page, you need a mortgage affordability calculator, a loan approval survey tool, and many others.

Benefits of Web forms for Qualified Mortgage Leads

  1. Better data Collection

Nowadays data is king. Engagement with consumers helps you in gauging the value proposition of your product and ensuring it’s more appealing to the consumer. After determining the kind of data you wish to collect, consider the process of recording it. The main types of data collection types include

The other major benefit of these web forms is the convenience they present in the management of leads. Potential leads always consider forms as requiring less effort compared to a call. Once you have given away value and educated the leads, your focus should be on giving them a call when ready. Additionally, automate the web forms so that when they fill, they’re automatically added to the CRM to get an instant email.

Industries such as life insurance, mortgage lead generation, financial advisory spaces, and private healthcare, among others are mostly driven by online lead capture forms. Additionally, if yours is a high-investment offer whose prospect does not make such a quick decision and requires more time, multi-step forms can be the best in lead generation. Again, they’re important in engaging and educating visitors on your website. The longer the prospect stays going through your website, the more they’re likely to convert. A good and high-quality web form will extend the stay on your site. It may not be the case all the time because most websites use basic and outdated web forms asking for the same information, for example, email, name, phone number, and company name, among others. The lucky ones are allowed to leave behind custom messages. Essentially, forms of that kind harm the rate of conversion since prospects are not interested in giving such information when it’s not clear what is there for them in return. Therefore, multi-step forms meant for conversion put the user first, reduce cognitive load, increase lead conversion rate, save website space and create beautiful forms out of proven templates.


Take control of your mortgage lead generation to have more say on the type, quality, and quantity of leads. Ensure the lead generation strategy is fully integrated particularly into your strategic and commercial planning. This will significantly save you time and money. You may want to speak to professionals in online mortgage leads marketing agency who can assist in building an idea marketing process. As you engage them ensure they can understand what your mortgage brokers and customers need.

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