A solo ad is an email-based advertisement that you can buy from other owners of email lists. A solo ad is often sent as dedicated emails, and the entire message is about your promotion. While other businesses can use solo ads, they are more popular among information marketers and affiliates. Solo ads in theory seem like the perfect way of growing your online business and making money from other people’s email lists. Honestly, solo ads are considered to have a hazy reputation and many businesses cannot touch them. However, most marketers say they owe their business success to solo ads since that’s how they started. It is worth your time to know how solo ad works.

How solo ad’s work

You find a solo ad list or search for a solo ad seller you’re interested in.

You contact the owner or buy access to the list from their site.

You buy either by how many subscribers your email message will be sent to or by how many clicks your email will get.

If all goes well, those subscribers will click, and those clicks will convert well. In the end, you’ll end up with solo ad conversions that cost less than other types of advertising.

The three most important things you should know about solo ad advertising include the seller, buyer, and market. Sellers have new niche email lists while the single ad sellers asks for the price per click. A single ad seller will send the special offer through email to subscribers and will get paid for every unique click by single ad buyers or customers.

Who solo ads would work best for

Marketers who have a big budget. If you have a couple of dollars, that’s sufficient for some basic testing with solo ads.

Marketers within a niche where pay-per-click prices are over the roof. In such a scenario, your cost per click from the solo ads may be much less compared to what you get on Bing or AdWords. You should give solo ads a test.

If you operate in a niche that’s oversaturated with content such as weight loss or affiliate marketing.

You need solo ads if you operate in a niche characterized by intense competition for search engine traffic.

Solo ads are necessary if you are about to launch a new product or if you need traffic to be sent to a page quickly. There is no time to write guest

posts build an audience or do anything that should take more days to get results.

Where to find solo ad lists

Many sites can sell you access to their lists but I may not recommend any of these to you. This is because what works for one person or organization might not work for the other. Even when you’re in the same niche, the people you target in the same list may not match. Two competent marketers can mail the same list and get very different results. While I cannot recommend a specific solo ad source, I recommend that you check larger forums within your niche. You can just post a thread and inquire if anyone has succeeded with solo ads and whom they used.

If your niche is affiliate marketing, Warrior Forum is the ideal choice because many participants there sell solo ads. Some people have posted good results with solo ads in the forum. A good forum is a community because if there are scammers with terrible lists, you will just know from the forum threads. Just Google or search “your niche +solo ads�?, the result is many companies that offer to sell you one. There could be genuine and good companies you can get by following the suggestions given here and starting small.

Just like any other business investment, only spend money you can afford to lose. Advertising is always a risky undertaking. No refunds. Do not drop your cash because you cannot wait. You can engage other slower ways to get traffic, build your audience and start selling.

What is solo ad Traffic?

As I explained earlier, a solo ad means an email advertisement in which you sent an email to a list by the list owner for an agreed price. Essentially, your email together with your links and message is sent to a list that does not belong to you. You simply rent another person’s mailing list. A solo ad is a great way of generating high-quality and targeted traffic using other people’s mailing lists.

Let’s say you want to promote a weight loss affiliate product then you contact a blogger with a huge weight loss list. The blogger agrees to send your mail to his list and you agree on a fixed price per click. This is what is referred to as a solo ad. The owner of the list gets paid while you receive highly targeted traffic to your landing page.

Also, you can use solo ads in promoting affiliate products using your page. You may not directly send traffic to an affiliate product unless the listing owner has agreed to the affiliate link. My recommendation is that you send traffic to a landing page since it’s a way of creating your own list to contact later rather than send one-time visits to an affiliate product. The use of single ads in building a list is one of the most profitable business models.

How much do solo ads cost?

The price of a single ad can range between 0.30 cents and 0.90 cents per click. However, traffic prices often increase and decrease depending on the traffic delivery quality. A solo ad marketplace is a network where solo ad vendors sell their traffic while the buyer can safely buy traffic. Payments are made on a trusted platform such as Udimi.

Are Solo Ads Worth it?

Single advertising is a cost-effective marketing method. There are many advantages to buying solo ads to grow your online business.

Benefits of Buying Solo ads

A single advertisement is a great opportunity of reaching a large target audience. Each professional solo ad seller has an email list with subscribers in their thousands.

Reach a large audience with single ads

It’s easy to hit a huge target. What you should know are single sellers with experience and can provide you with more traffic via their email lists. Most single ad sellers own lists with over 100,000 subscribers. It’s impossible to imagine huge and targeted traffic with no solo ads.

Guaranteed target traffic generation for your campaign

Professional solo ad sellers have specifically targeted mailing lists. Upon making an order, they forward you a newsletter and offer you the desired target audience. Again, you are provided a traffic analysis report. There’s a guarantee because you pay when you get your targeted traffic.

Convenient pricing options

Solo ads are considered better than other paid-for marketing. The pricing options are flexible. Every agreement with a solo ad vendor is a negotiable payment. You can choose a flat rate or pay based on performance.

Solo ads are cost-effective

Solo ads provide a cost-effective opportunity and sometimes it’s fascinating how reasonable and cheaper they are. No limit to your advertising budget because you start solo advertising with any budget, large or small.

You don’t need to create your own email list

There is no need of creating a personal email list in solo ad marketing to promote affiliate products or own products. All single ad sellers have highly motivated email lists. What they require is your email’s text copy together with a targeted link.


For certain businesses, solo ads can work great. It’s an affordable way of building your list fast or blasting exposure for a product launch. However, there are sad stories of those who get burned or marketers failing on their duty. You have to carefully screen a list in order to pick one that suits your business so that you do not complain about losing money. Start slow because you may never know how a landing page or email is performing until you’ve tried across 3-5 lists. If your creativity tanks on a particular list it doesn’t mean the list owner is a scammer. It may simply mean the list is not fit for your offer.

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